Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Organization and systems

Under the management of the Executive Officer and CFO, who is in charge of sustainability promotion, each committee and division in charge of sustainability promotion plans and formulates measures, which are reflected in the business activities of Group companies. In addition, the chairpersons of each committee meet once a month to discuss the progress of initiatives, share information, and make decisions (promotion meeting), and further report on their activities at regular Board of Directors meetings. Policies and goals are also developed, and important initiatives are discussed and approved by the Board of Directors to be implemented.

Promotion Framework

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee, chaired by the Executive Officer and the Head of Risk Management, addresses issues such as the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures ("TCFD") and supply chain management that takes human rights and the environment into consideration.
The subcommittees have been established for each theme as a subordinate organization of this committee so that each subcommittee can tackle specific issues from a specialized perspective.
In addition, regular meetings with an outside committee member Hidemi Tomita (Managing Director, Institute for Sustainability Management), who has expertise in sustainability management, are held once a month to discuss specific issues with professional perspectives. The purpose of these meetings is to the policies and goals. receive opinions on issues and questions related to our sustainability promotion efforts and to enhance their effectiveness.
We will continue our efforts to promote sustainability by reinforcing an effective and efficient promotion system and utilizing internal and external knowledge. Additionally, the members of the committees and subcommittees shown in the figure below are made up of personnel from the departments in each area of expertise, and are responsible for planning, formulating, and executing their respective initiatives in response to the policies and goals.

Sustainability Committee Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee Message from the Chairperson

Keiji Hayakawa
Executive Officer
Head of Risk Management
Deputy Head of Tenant Leasing Business

It has been almost 2 years since the Sustainability Committee was formed. Leveraging our group's strength of "responding to changes", we have been working with various divisions and employees on both axes, contributing to solving environmental issues while incorporating them into our business and ensuring sustainability as a company. In saying this, we have only just begun to make progress toward our goals. We are developing our own Jonetz PB products, that make people feel as if we are almost doing too much. I would like also like for our sustainability efforts to be viewed in such a way. For example, in our efforts to reduce plastic, we are changing the materials of our POPs and cutlery used in store displays, reducing the number of plastic bags and umbrella bags used for take-out, etc. We want to go so far that we surprise them with how far we are willing to go. As an individual, my awareness of CO₂ and waste has changed dramatically, not only when buying a new car, but also when thinking about CO₂ and waste in my daily food purchases. In the future, I would like all PPIH Group employees to have this kind of awareness, to think about how our business can help solve environmental issues, and to embody these ideas in the Sustainability Committee to create "PPIH-style Sustainability".

Diversity Management Committee

Purpose of the Diversity Management Committee

The PPIH Group states in its Corporate Philosophy "The Source" that it is "a company that recognizes diversity". The Diversity Management Committee ("DM Committee"), established in 2020, aims to establish a corporate culture with these high ethical standards and common sense, and to ensure that the fundamental human rights and diversity of all stakeholders are respected. In addition to strongly
promoting the creation of an environment in which women can play an active role in various positions, including executive and managerial positions, we plan, draft, and implement measures to promote diversity management, including the promotion of the activities of LGBTQ+, senior, and non-Japanese employees and the employment of people with disabilities.
In January 2023, after discussion at a meeting of the Board of Directors, the PPIH Group Diversity Policy was established.
By addressing diversity management, we will strive to further enhance our corporate value as a global company with operations in numerous countries.

Diversity Management Committee Chairman Message

Hitomi Ninomiya Hitomi Ninomiya
Director, Executive Officer
Head of Diversity Management
Head of Design 

PPIH Group stores serve over 600 million customers annually. One of the Group's strengths in satisfying customers with diverse values and remaining the store of choice is the diversity of its employees and has been kept to create an environment of mutual recognition.
More than half of our customers are women. In order to incorporate ideas from a woman's perspective into our store operations and management, we have implemented programs that lead to career development and success for women, and have worked to enhance our benefit programs related to women's health and childcare support to create a comfortable working environment.
However, our group is not limited to only women; and many people with diverse values, personalities, and backgrounds work in our group, including foreign nationals, seniors, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people with disabilities. The company will continue to develop various systems and frameworks in order to create an environment in which all employees, including these individuals, can work to the best of their ability with peace of mind.

Diversity Management Committee's logo

Diversity Management Committee's logo

The logo was designed based on the concept of a colorfully shining diamond, with the idea that each and every employee is a diamond in the rough, and that the company should be a place where all employees can shine in their own way. By creating an icon to symbolize the promotion of diversity at PPIH, we aim to share and expand awareness of our vision within the company and make all employees aware of the importance of taking an interest in and proactively promoting diversity.

Promotion Structure

Promotion Structure

The DM Committee is chaired by the director in charge of diversity management and consists of multiple related departments working together in a cross-sectional manner. The DM Committee meets once a month to plan, formulate, and implement various measures to promote diversity. Important initiatives and policies are discussed and decided by the Board of Directors, and the DM Committee monitors the progress and reports to the Board.

Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee, led by the director in charge of legal affairs and compliance, is responsible for planning fraud prevention, and planning and verifying inspections and investigations. The committee is composed of directors, executive officers, and outside directors (Audit Committee members), and has established a system to receive advice from outside legal counsel. Furthermore, in order to ensure the appropriateness of operations, the Company oversees matters related to compliance and internal controls to ensure that business activities are conducted in accordance with high ethical standards and to ensure the legality of the governance system and its operations. In addition, we also conduct cross-organizational compliance risk analysis and assessment, including group companies, to avoid and mitigate risks.
The committee is chaired by the executive officer in charge of legal affairs and compliance and consists of a total of six members, including directors, managing executive officers, executive officers of related departments, and department heads.