Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Reduction of plastic usage

The PPIH Group believes that it is our social responsibility as a retailer to address the issues of global warming and marine plastic waste caused by plastics. We have set a target for reducing the amount of plastics used in our customer service, which is the point of contact with our customers, and will strive to reduce it while seeking understanding and cooperation from our customers as well.

PPIH Group Plastic Reduction Targets

Reduce the amount of plastic used in customer service by 70% by 2030 (Baseline FY 2019)

*Reduction Targets: plastic shopping bags, plastic parts of POP advertisements for store presentation, general plastic bags, Spoons and forks, umbrella covers

Target area: Japan

Reducing the thickness of laminated POP advertisements for in-store presentation

The PPIH Group provides customers with the pleasure of shopping in a space full of "anticipation and excitement", as well as a sense of the extraordinary by staging three-dimensional and unique store displays. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities by reducing the use of plastic in many of the POP advertisements we use as part of the presentation by making them thinner and changing the materials.

Reduce by 30% by 2030 (Baseline 2019)
 laminate POP
In-store POPs

In-store POP advertisements that promote product features

Change of material for plastic spoons and forks

In our Group's stores, plastic spoons given at the cash register in the food sections will be replaced with wooden ones and straws with paper ones in order to reduce the amount of plastic used. Furthermore, we aim to encourage customers to decline these items by adding an additional fee, thereby contributing to the effective use of resources.

wood spoons

Spoons changed from plastic to wood

In-store posters

In-store posters encouraging customers to decline these items

Reducing plastic in PB products

We are working to develop PB products that lead to the reduction of plastic, such as by switching some of the plastic used for packaging materials to paper or by using recycled materials.