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Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Creating a work environment that fosters employee engagement

Creation of an organization that is both comfortable and rewarding to work in

The PPIH Group has established the PPIH Group Occupational Health and Safety Policy and is working to improve and maintain the working environment so that employees can work safely and with peace of mind.

In addition, we strive to understand, analyze, and improve the situation regarding the working environment through monthly web-based questionnaires. For those who wish to participate, we also provide individual consultations and support in resolving any problems they may have. By building a system that allows each employee to feel comfortable voicing their concerns, analyzing issues, and continuing to make improvements, we aim to create an organization that is both comfortable and rewarding to work for.

[Main Initiatives]

-Improvement and Maintenance of Working Environment

We have established items for strengthening efforts to eliminate issues related to health and safety at each store and base, and are working to improve and maintain a working environment in which employees can work safely and with peace of mind.

[Strengthening Initiatives]
  • -Thorough prevention of industrial accidents (falls, stepladder accidents, cart/cage accidents, accidents involving knives)

  • -Promotion of health management

  • -Ensure compliance with standards for cargo height (2m or less) and secure aisle widths to prevent work-related accidents

  • -Ensure that 100% of employees receive health checkups and improve the rate of stress checkups

  • -Ensure proper working hours and eliminate overwork

[Ongoing Initiatives]
  • -Establishment of an annual safety and health promotion plan

  • -Review of safety and health management rules and accompanying regulations as necessary

  • -Strengthening of the Safety and Health Committee implementation system

  • -Implementation of risk assessment through inspection tours

-Occupational Health and Safety Promotion System

Occupational Health and Safety Promotion System

-Conducting "Job Satisfaction Surveys"

Once a month, we conduct a job satisfaction survey for employees via a web-based questionnaire. The survey highlights problems faced by individual employees as well as issues faced by the Group as a whole, and we strive to analyze and improve upon these issues.

Conducting Job Satisfaction Surveys

web-based questionnaire

-Establishment of "HR Career Call"

We offer consultation services on personnel evaluation, career advancement, and other issues through a toll-free telephone number, web form, or e-mail, in an effort to improve and resolve problems faced by individual employees.

Establishment of HR Career Call

Providing Internal Systems and Training to Maximize Job Satisfaction

We aim to create a highly productive organization in which the right people are placed in the right positions. This is achieved through reskilling programs that develop human resources with a high ability to respond to change, and by building an environment and systems that enable career plans and career paths that maximize independence and satisfaction in accordance with positions, responsibilities, and affiliations.
Main Initiatives:

"Kizuki Skill Up Seminars"

Web seminars are held for all employees to promote personal growth that leads to the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. Employees serve as instructors, and lectures on a variety of topics are held each month.

Internal Job Listing Site, ""

In order to encourage employees to advance their careers and broaden their experience, we have established an internal recruitment system which allows employees who have been in their current division/position for at least one year, to challenge themselves in other divisions.

Promotion of the "Million Star System"

In order to develop the next generation of Executives, we promote the discovery and development of outstanding talent by publicly recruiting Million Stars (Branch Managers) who can think and design on their own initiative.

Promoting the creation of an environment that recognizes diverse personalities

Promoting the creation of an environment that recognizes diverse personalities
Promoting the creation of an environment that recognizes diverse personalities

The Group is working on a variety of work style reforms so that employees working in the same workplace can recognize each other's individuality and maximize their abilities while engaging in friendly competition.
From 2022, we have relaxed our dress code in order to create a workplace where each employee's style is respected and they can work in their own way.
Employees said they were "more motivated" and "happy to be able to work with their own hair style", and some stores even saw an increase in the number of part-time job applicants.

The establishment of an on-site day care center, known as "Donkids"

As part of our efforts to create an environment in which employees can work with peace of mind while raising children, we have established "Don Kids"*, an on-site childcare center available to Group employees. The establishment of "Don Kids" contributes to the creation of an environment in which employees can work efficiently and comfortably by reducing the time required to drop off and pick up their children. In addition, the "Don Kids" program enables female employees who are unable to work due to childcare waiting lists to return to work as soon as possible and pursue their careers, thereby creating an environment in which all employees can play an equal role.

*"Don Kids" is a facility that utilizes the Cabinet Office policy "Company-led childcare business system".

-Participating Stores (2016 onwards) ※as of March 2023

  • MEGA Don Quijote Kannana Umejima Store
  • MEGA Don Quijote Soka Store
  • MEGA Don Quijote Tomei Kawasaki Store
  • MEGA Don Quijote Yachiyo 16 go bypass Store
  • MEGA Don Quijote Ayase Store