Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Overseas retail operations

Don Quijote USA

Don Quijote USA store logo

Don Quijote USA has three stores on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. With wide aisles that can be comfortably traveled with a shopping cart, as well as a 4 meter high ceiling, this spacious area offers a uniquely Don Quijote style fun shopping experience. These stores are beloved by both locals and tourists for bringing a new kind of in-store atmosphere to Hawaii.
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Marukai Corporation operates supermarkets with both members and non-members systems (offering food and lifestyle products) and is involved in the the importing and sale of food and lifestyle products.
MARUKAI CORPORATION store appearance


DON DON DONKI store logo

Don Don Donki, a new business operation, is a Japanese brand specialist store offering products mostly made in Japan, or designed for the Japanese market, to the southest Asia region.
DON DON DONKI store appearance


Times store logo

This brand, long beloved by residents of Hawaii, has 16 stores on the island of Oahu, six on the island of Kauai, and two on the island of Maui.
Times store appearance