Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Stakeholder engagement

The PPIH Group believes that its ultimate goal is to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by recognizing issues through communication with its stakeholders, building relationships of trust and collaboration, and fulfilling its social responsibilities while continuing to produce greater results.
To this end, we emphasize active "stakeholder engagement" and reflect the interests, expectations, and requests we ascertain through this process in our management and business activities.

Stakeholder Engagement
Our stakeholders How we engage

-Daily sales activities and customer services

-Customer service centers

-Customer satisfaction surveys through PPIH Group e-money app

-In-store customer interactions

-Communication through corporate and brand websites, advertisement, social media and mailing service


-Partner conference

-WEB Business Negotiation System

-Supplier surveys

-Suppliers hotline


-Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

-Earnings announcements

-Active engagement with investors

-Corporate website for investors, Integrated Report and ESG Databook

-Responding to ESG research surveys


-Employee engagement surveys

-Employee education and training

-Fair performance evaluations and individual consultations

-Internal portal and newsletters for employees

-Employee hotline

Local/global community,

-Communicate with neighborhood residents around stores

-Comprehensive cooperation agreements with local governments

-Support for refugees

-Emergency Disaster Relief

-Participation in local volunteer activities

-Participation in Government initiatives

-Environmental education classes for children at schools