Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Monthly Sales Report

December, 2020


FY June 2021
Domestic Retail* Don Quijote Co., Ltd.
UNY Co., Ltd.
December Total December Total December Total



Sales 96.7 95.6 89.0 87.7 104.2 105.0
Traffic 95.0 93.6 90.8 89.1 99.4 99.4
Spending 101.9 102.1 98.1 98.4 104.8 105.7
Number of
528 528 320 320 139 139

All Stores

Sales 99.9 98.7 91.3 90.2 94.5 92.6
Store Count 582 582 346 346 143 143
  • *Total of Don Quijote Co., Ltd., UNY Co., Ltd., Nagasakiya Co., Ltd., UD Retail Co., Ltd. and Daishin Corporation.


  1. This month, although the evaporation of tax-free sales continued for Don Quijote Co., Ltd. (7.7pt push-down), UNY Co., Ltd., UD Retail Co., Ltd., and Daishin Corporation outperformed year-on-year.
    *Note: The figure in the blank above is the one of Don Quijote Co., Ltd. same stores.
  2. At Don Quijote Co., Ltd., Same Store Sales (SSS) excluding tax-free sales was 96.7%, while suburban stores remained positive at 100.9%. With the continuous spread of Covid-19, the number of customers decreased in the early of the month especially in urban areas, and the demand for Christmas-related products, party goods, and variety products slowed down. On the other hand, as of the end of the month, the demand for Year-end and New year was brisked. Also, seasonal home appliances such as humidifiers and heater drove sales due to the severe cold weather.
  3. At UNY Co., Ltd., SSS stood at 104.2%. Sales of analog games and card games were strong due to the overlap of demand for Christmas, New Year's holidays, and stay-at-home. In food segment, snacks and alcoholic beverages, as well as Western confectionery, osechi, and rice cakes were strong as well.
  4. From early to middle of December, it cooled nationwide due to the strong cold wave. During the middle of the month, the average temperature was 0.2℃ lower than normal and 0.9℃ lower than the previous year. In the end of the month , due to the loosening of the winter pressure pattern, it was 1.0℃ higher than normal and 1.5℃ higher than the previous year. There were 3 days that rained more than 1㎜ in Tokyo.

<Store opening in January>
 There are no new store opening in January.

Monthly Sales Report (Details)


5 Domestic Retail Companies in Total / Don Quijote / UNY

Don Quijote Co., Ltd. (~FY2019)

UNY Co., Ltd. (~FY2019)

*UNY changed its book closing month from February to June. FY2020 will be 16 months, run from March 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

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