Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Monthly Sales Report

December, 2021


FY June 2022
Domestic Retail* Discount Store Business
GMS Business
December Total December Total December Total



Sales 101.2 100.3 101.7 100.9 100.2 98.8
Traffic 99.9 99.8 100.0 99.9 99.7 99.5
Spending 101.4 100.4 101.7 101.0 100.5 99.3
Number of
556 556 422 422 134 134

All Stores

Sales 102.1 101.6 104.2 104.6 97.6 95.2
Store Count 593 593 456 456 137 137
  • *Don Quijote Co., Ltd., UNY Co., Ltd., Nagasakiya Co., Ltd., and UD Retail Co., Ltd.


  1. The 4 domestic retail companies landed at 101.2% YoY. This month, all corporations exceeded the results of the previous year. In particular, we have implemented solid sales promotion strategies such as flyers, coupons, and majica redemption measures to coincide with the busiest time of the year, from Christmas through the year-end and New Year holidays, increasing the number of customers and sales. Sales have been growing regardless of business format, location, area, or time of day.

  2. The discount store business captures event demand and boosts sales, especially during Christmas, year-end, and weekends. In particular, sales increased in urban areas such as Kanto and Kansai regions and station front stores. In addition, sales of bags and personal care products for traveling and visiting home for holidays increased due to the pandemic situation that has calmed down. Consumables, cosmetics, and food products, which have been strong in the past, also supported the momentum during the month.

  3. In the GMS business, despite the impact of the high hurdle in the previous year, sales of many products, including heavy clothing such as coats, cold-weather products,  and children's clothing increased as the weather turns colder. It contributed to sales growth at existing stores. In food products, although sales of some main categories such as rice, bread, and daily necessities declined, sales of prepared foods, fresh fish (sushi), and alcoholic beverages started to pick up after the 24th, and at the end exceeded the previous year's level.

    <Store Openings in December>
    (1)Don Quijote: Jan 28: Teradacho-eki (Osaka pref.)

Monthly Sales Report (Details)



Don Quijote Co., Ltd. (~FY2019)

UNY Co., Ltd. (~FY2019)

*UNY changed its book closing month from February to June. FY2020 will be 16 months, run from March 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

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