Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Monthly Sales Report

September, 2021


FY June 2022
Domestic Retail* Discount Store Business
GMS Business
September Total September Total September Total



Sales 100.1 99.3 101.0 99.8 98.1 98.1
Traffic 99.5 99.4 99.9 99.5 98.4 99.1
Spending 100.6 99.9 101.1 100.3 99.6 99.0
Number of
547 547 417 417 130 130

All Stores

Sales 101.7 100.6 105.2 103.8 94.3 93.6
Store Count 587 587 449 449 138 138
  • *Don Quijote Co., Ltd., UNY Co., Ltd., Nagasakiya Co., Ltd., and UD Retail Co., Ltd.


  1. For the 4 domestic retail companies, sales improved by +4.4 pts from August and YoY was 100.1%. In the beginning of the month, sales of summer products were sluggish due to low temperatures and bad weather continuing since late August. It also affected by the expanded Covid restrictions. However, from mid-September, the nationwide number of new cases of infection decrease drastically. As the flow of people increased, sales improved steadily. During the Silver Week holiday in particular, sales in all areas, stores near station and in the suburbs, as well as hourly sales, improved and compensated for the slump in the beginning of the month.

  2. In the discount store business, MEGA Don Quijote in the suburbs, which has a high proportion of food products, led the sales increase over the previous year. In the beginning of September, sales were struggling due to a decrease in the flow of people, especially near stations in urban areas. However, in the middle of the month, especially during Silver Week, sales increased in many product categories such as outdoor goods, fireworks, leisure goods, and bicycles. In the end of the month, customer traffic after 9 p.m.gradually recovered which led to the improvement of sales..

  3. In the GMS business, sales of processed foods and fresh foods increased due to the factors such as Typhoon, long rains, and the extension of the state of emergency. In addition, the market prices of fresh foods (fruit and vegetables, meat, and fresh fish) were higher than the previous year, which also boosted sales. Consequently, it even exceeds the high performance of the previous year's result. On the other hand, clothing and housing-related products are struggling due to the high performance of last year as well as slow-moving stock of summer goods due to the low temperature. In particular, mainstay products such as inner wear, shoes and accessories, and outer wear are struggling.

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    (1) UD Retail: 1 store

Monthly Sales Report (Details)



Don Quijote Co., Ltd. (~FY2019)

UNY Co., Ltd. (~FY2019)

*UNY changed its book closing month from February to June. FY2020 will be 16 months, run from March 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

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