Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Corporate principle

The Customer Matters Most

"The Customer Matters Most." This is a corporate principle that underpins all activities and guides all decisions within the PPIH Group. Every one of our stores exists for the customers who come inside and continues to operate because of customer loyalty. In addition, we believe each store has a role and a responsibility to support the lifestyle infrastructure of the community of which it is a part.

"The Customer Matters Most." is not so much an aspired-to philosophy as it is an enduring principle, one that infuses everything from corporate mangement to store operation.

Business Model

Business Model Image

 Through shopping, we provide convenience and amusement in addition to offering a discount to customers. Moreover, the Group's store operations and merchandise strategies are based on this unique concept. Thus, we have created a store in which customers not only can find what they want when they want it but also spend a delightful time shopping, enjoying the entire Don Quijote experience.

 We recognize that our business model, which excites customers and more than meets their satisfaction, is highly useful for meeting the needs of customers and cultivating markets.

Origin of the Company Name

 Don Quijote Holdings Co., Ltd. changed its name to Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation on February 1, 2019. We are determined to expand business with group subsidiaries. We are committed to respond to diversified and ever-changing customer needs. New name of the company contains our determination to prosper not only in Japan but also in pan pacific area internationally as a promising retail company. New name is set to start our new stage.