Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

The creation of a working environment which supports diverse forms of work

Efforts to become a corporate group that provides both "ease of working" and "job satisfaction"


In order to ensure that all employees of the PPIH Group can work with peace of mind and to the best of their ability, we have established a "Working Environment Improvement Team" and are working to improve the working environment by identifying problems faced by individuals and the entire group through questionnaires and individual interviews. We are striving to create an organization that is both comfortable and rewarding to work for, by building a working environment where each individual can speak up with confidence, and by organizing and improving problems based on our "employees' voices".

【Main Initiatives】

■Conducting "Job Satisfaction Surveys"
In July of 2020, we started a simple survey once a month. We highlight the problems that each employee faces, as well as the issues of the entire group, and take corrective actions.
◎Response rate:57.2% average
◎Employees whose responses indicated a "low" level of job satisfaction:1.5% average
◎Total number of comments received calling for improvements:253
◎100% improvement response rate from employees who made comments requesting improvemen
※Results from the period July~November 2020
■Setting up "HR Career Call"
Operations began in February of 2020. We provide consultation on personnel evaluation and career development.

Conduct hearings for each person who wishes to take improvement measures

■"Don Battle", an event to support the development of young employees
"Don Battle" is a "competitive educational" event in which student Mate Employees (part-time staff) from different stores compete with each other in a fun, game-like competition regarding display ideas, POP ideas, etc., in order to make the most of young people's creativity and expressiveness. PPIH is actively promoting part-time student workers to become regular employees. Through these events, our human resources who understand our corporate culture, can immediately play an active role after being hired as full time employees, which leads to higher motivation, higher productivity, and a lower turnover rate.
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The establishment of an on-site day care center, known as "Donkids"


As a part of creating a working environment where employees with young children can work with peace of mind, the PPIH Group has established an on-site day care center known as "Donkids".

The creation of "Donkids" affects our staff positively, by reducing the amount of time needed for day care drop off and pick up, resulting in a working environment where our staff are able to work effectively with peace of mind. Additionally, by giving female employees who, due to waiting list issues, would usually be unable to work/advance their careers, the opportunity to return to work as early as possible, we are creating a working environment in which all employees are able to work equally.

Participating Stores (2016 onwards) ※as of January 2021

MEGA Don Quijote Yachiyo 16 go bypass Store
MEGA Don Quijote Kannana Umejima Store
MEGA Don Quijote Soka Store
MEGA Don Quijote Ayase Store
MEGA Don Quijote Tomei Kawasaki Store

Management outsourced to the Mama Square Corporation, a company with a great deal of experience in the management of childcare facilities.

Being able to have their children taken care of at the office, allows employees to work more efficiently, and also helps them to achieve a degree of self-fulfillment.