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Diversity Management Committee

Purpose of establishing the committee

In our corporate philosophy, "The Source", we advocate for a "corporate culture that recognizes diversity". The establishment of the Diversity Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as "DM Committee") is aimed at strengthening this corporate culture, and will strongly promote the creation of an environment in which women can play an active role in various positions, including executive positions. We will also actively promote diversity in a wide range of areas, including support for LGBTQ+, promotion of senior and non-Japanese employees, and promotion of employment of people with disabilities.

Message from the Director in charge of Diversity Promotion

Hitomi Ninomiya Hitomi Ninomiya
Head of Diversity Management Committee
Head of Creative Headquarters
Head of Corporate Philosophy Promotion Headquarters
Director & Executive Officer

PPIH Group stores serve over 600 million customers annually. In order to satisfy customers with diverse values and continue to be their store of choice, our employees must naturally have a corresponding affinity for each other, and acceptance of and respect for diversity among employees is an essential issue.

Utilizing my abilities in the specialized field of "design," I have been working in the creative field of PPIH, focusing on store design, which is responsible for "amusement," one of PPIH's concepts, and pursuing affinity with customers of all ages and lifestyles. In addition, PPIH uses other creative methods such as POP, characters, and background music to provide an thrilling and exciting space, as well as a sense of security to a diverse range of customers and employees. We believe that the power of creativity, which enables us to be close to people and solve their problems, is also useful in promoting diversity.

I will use my experience as both a woman and a person with a creative background to promote our company in a creative way.

■Diversity Management Committee's logo

Diversity Management Committee's logo
The logo was designed based on the concept of a colorfully shining diamond, with the idea that each and every employee is a diamond in the rough, and that the company should be a place where all employees can shine in their own way. By creating an icon to symbolize the promotion of diversity at PPIH, we aim to share and expand awareness of our vision within the company and make all employees aware of the importance of taking an interest in and proactively promoting diversity.

Promotion Structure

■Promotion of Diversity

We will strive to create a workplace that respects and recognizes the diverse values and individuality of all people involved in our corporate activities.

Diversity Management Committee Promotion Structure

The promotion of the Diversity Management Committee aims to contribute to the development of society, both within and outside the Group, as a company with high ethical standards and good sense, respecting the basic human rights and diversity of all stakeholders.
The DM Committee is composed of several related departments working together in a cross-sectional manner. We aim to resolve issues by proactively engaging in dialogue with our stakeholders to identify their needs and respond to them as quickly as possible.

Action Plan

The DM Committee considers all stages of the promotion of women's activities to be connected. We will implement the plan as a "cyclical plan" in order to achieve accelerated and sustainable corporate growth, by taking simultaneous approaches to the issues of each stage.

We believe that the understanding and cooperation of all of the layers and staff involved is essential at every stage, from recruitment to promotion to management and employee growth, and we are planning various measures which will enable the entire group to tackle this issue.

Progress to date in promoting diversity

2009 Idobata Committee established.
・The establishment of a women's consultation service
・Distributed a summary of the system during life events
2015 cocoro Project launched to improve the rate of maternity leave utilization.
2016 ・Set up a women's consultation counter in each store area
・Creation of a support kit summarizing maternity and paternity leave systems
・In-house daycare center "Don Kids" opens Don Kids
2017 Launched the LGBTQ+ Project.
・Started participating in Rainbow Pride
 Pride Index Silver Award
・Started LGBTQ+ training. Started participating in Rainbow Pride
Establishment of Diversity Promotion Office (integration of LGBTQ+ project).
・Human Rights Awareness Activities Human Rights Awareness Activities
2018 ・Life Partner Program Launched
・Pride Index Gold Award
2019 Selected for Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI).
・Pride Index Gold Award
2020 Selected for Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI).
"The Source" Promotion Headquarters, Diversity Promotion Section
・Pride Index Gold Award
Diversity Management Committee established.
・The first female executive officer was born
・Set targets for promotion of women's activities Diversity Management Committee's logo
2021 Selected for Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI).
・Begun in-house seminars in order to promote the advancement of women
Joined the "Iku-boss" Alliance
Joined the
Launched "RISE! 100", a training program focused on producing female Store Managers
RISE! 100
・Diversity portal site launched for internal use
・Conducted "training on ESG's and the promotion of women's activities" aimed at managerial staff
・Begun distributing "Women's Activity Reports" for each branch office and department
Launched the DM (Diversity Management) Certification, a web-based certification test for promoting women's activities, Iku-boss, and LGBTQ+
・The First Female Director is Born
Launched the "PPIH DIVERSITY" website for external use
・Begun providing support for enrollment in company-led preschools
・Begun supporting the use of housekeeping services
・Pride Index Gold Award

Activities of the Diversity Management Committee

Promotion of female activities


・"RISE!100", a training program that aims to produce 100 female Store Managers
・The "DM Certification Test", a measure to promote understanding of diversity
Establishment of "Don-Kids," an onsite daycare center
・In-house educational activities
  Training on "ESG's and the promotion of women's activities" aimed at managers
  Introduction of female employees who are active in the company
  Distribution of the Women's Activity Report
  Women's Career Seminar
  Seminar for male managers with female subordinates
"RISE!100", a training program that aims to produce 100 female Store Managers

As a concrete measure to increase the ratio of female Store Managers, we launched the "RISE! 100" training program in May of 2021 in order to educate staff on the necessary attitude, knowledge and skills for Store Managers. A total of 19 web-based training sessions were conducted over a period of five months, including lectures on numerical management, compliance, and store management know-how, as well as roundtable discussions with current female Store Managers and Branch Managers. Among the 86 participants in the training, 9 Store Managers were born. The training has helped female employees to overcome their anxiety regarding Managerial positions, to build an internal network, and to develop a career image for female employees. We will continue to conduct this training in the future, with regular follow-ups for those who have completed the training.

The "DM Certification Test", a measure to promote understanding of diversity

The Diversity Management (DM) Certification Test was held from September to October of 2021 for regular and contracted employees in order to deepen their understanding of the promotion of female activities, "Iku-boss"*, and LGBTQ+. More than 3,000 employees passed the exam, which is designed to be taken while studying in an e-learning format. Those who passed the exam were given badges and stickers as proof that they are promoters of diversity, which helped to raise awareness of the program both inside and outside of the company.

*An "Iku-boss" is a boss who is able to enjoy his or her own work and personal life, while also considering the work-life balance of subordinates and staff working together in the workplace, supporting their careers and lives, and achieving results for the organization. PPIH has been a member of the Iku-boss Federation since April of 2021.

Training on "ESG's and the promotion of women's activities" aimed at managers

In July of 2021, we conducted a web-based training program for 515 Managers of the PPIH Group in order to improve their knowledge of ESG's and their awareness of their role in promoting women's activities. The training was conducted in a discussion format in order to raise awareness of unconscious bias against women and the importance of practicing management from a flat perspective. The participants of the training committed themselves to the goals they set as a party to the promotion of women's activities in the "Declaration on the Promotion of Women's Activities" and disclosed them to all employees.

Training on [ESG's and the promotion of women's activities]
Introduction of female employees who are active in the company

Female employees who are active in the company are interviewed by Chairperson Ninomiya, and the content of the conversation is introduced on the portal site for internal use. We introduce many female employees who are advancing their careers while balancing life events such as marriage and childbirth, and create opportunities for female employees working in the PPIH Group to think about their career development.

Introduction of female employees who are active in the company
Distribution of the Women's Activity Report

In order to quantitatively keep track of the progress of the promotion of women's activities, the DM Committee sends a monthly report on women's activities to the Managers of each branch and department. This report provides numerical and graphical information on the rate of improvement in four areas: the ratio of female employees, the ratio of female managers, the promotion rate for female employees, and the retention rate for female employees.

the Women's Activity Report
Seminars to promote the advancement of women

In order to promote the advancement of women, the PPIH Group held its first in-house seminar with the aim of improving the skills of female employees and promoting understanding amongst male employees.

【Seminar Theme】

1. "Communication at Work: Using Logical, Not Emotional, Language"
2. "Communication to encourage subordinates' growth" Male employees with female subordinates
3.My career What I want to do & What I can do & What is required
The program is open to all employees, from regular employees to mates, working at bases and stores nationwide. After the lecture on the theme, there is a question-and-answer period where participants can discuss their concerns and get answers and hints that will help them maintain and improve their motivation. As a place where participants can exchange opinions while sharing their concerns and experiences, many employees have expressed a desire to continue holding and participating in these sessions, and we hold them on a regular basis. Many management-level employees also participate in the workshop, learning how to treat women and how to communicate with them in a way that can be immediately put into practice in the workplace and utilized in their daily communication.
4. Taking another look at management seminars from the viewpoint of women
A seminar was held for Branch Managers who are in charge of multiple stores to consider, from a female perspective, how to approach raising women up so that they can feel comfortable and empowered. We came up with ideas to solve real problems while absorbing the issues that must be addressed in order to penetrate and actualize the goals that the PPIH Group is aiming for. In the future, we will conduct trials of initiatives for solutions derived from the seminar.
management seminars

Promotion of LGBTQ+

■Goals of the PPIH Group

Create a workplace where people can work with confidence and maximize their individual abilities by creating a workplace with a high degree of psychological safety.

■Introduction of initiatives and activities

・Participate in events and sell related goods
The Don Quijote Sapporo Tanuki-Koji Main Store participated in the Sapporo Rainbow Pride event, held on September 12th, 2020.。This is the third year in a row that I have participated in this event since my first one in Due to the effects of COVID-19, the usual sales of goods at the venue were postponed, but the Sapporo Tanuki Koji Main Store offered rainbow goods to add color to the parade.

■Outside evaluation

work with Pride Gold 2021
For the third year in a row, we received the highest rating of "Gold" in the PRIDE Index 2021, an evaluation index for initiatives concerning sexual minorities in the workplace formulated by the voluntary organization "work with Pride".