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Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Self-designed products and services

"eco!on", an environmentally friendly, original product

Among the PB products that UNY, a member of the PPIH Group, handles is "eco! on".
This is an environmentally friendly, original product that is developed together with customers.
The concept of product development is based on the "3Rs" (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), with the goal of using resources and planning products for a decarbonized society, to avoid pollution. The PPIH Group, together with the customers who choose these products, promotes ethical products and provides an environmentally friendly shopping experience.


Annual sales of 2,448.99 million yen  
Annual sales of 11.02 million points
※FY 2020

【Toilet paper made from recycled milk cartons 】

Environmentally-friendly toilet paper made from 100% recycled paper. We use milk cartons collected at the store as part of the raw materials. The polyethylene that coats the milk cartons is reused for heat energy within the factory.

【Organic cotton series】

The yarn is made of organic Indian cotton, carefully harvested by hand and finished in a local factory to produce less fluff and more luster.

【Medicated foaming hand soap that is both human and environmentally friendly】

This hand soap is made through the collection and refining of used frying oil from the kitchens of restaurants and retail stores. Since it is a vegetable oil, it is gentle on hands and skin, as well as on rivers and oceans.

【Butter rolls with margarine (container packaged)】

The weight of containers and packaging has been reduced by about 30% by discontinuing the use of clasps, and making bags more compact than conventional packaging forms.

Development of off-price business


In recent years, it has been said that we live in an age of surplus. With the surplus inventory of famous apparel brands increasing, this results in most of these brands resorting to incineration or exportation to dispose of the surplus, which has become a major social problem. On the other hand, overseas, "off-price stores" that buy such inventory and resell it at greatly reduced prices are gaining popularity, changing the environment surrounding excess inventory that used to go to waste. The PPIH Group, noticing that the shopping style ("treasure hunting") of our discount business has a high affinity with off-price store consumption, purchases products directly from Japan and overseas, offers them below market prices, and contributes to the sale of ethical products that do not waste excess inventory, by selling every last item.

Sustainable Product Sourcing and Sales


Fresh, high quality seafood is popular in the group's DON DON DONKI stores across other Asian countries. Among these are some of our top-selling farm purchased marine products, such as Bluefin Tuna, Salmon, Sea Bream, Yellowtail, and Amberjack. Purchasing farmed fish helps to prevent the excessive use of natural resources through overfishing, thus ensuring a stable supply of products at reasonable prices. It also removes the fear associated with events such as natural disasters. These products aren't only sold in DON DON DONKI stores, but also in stores which provide domestic fresh fish at the same time as promoting the consumption of ethical products, as a part of the PPIH Group.

■Farmed Products:

Bluefin Tuna, Salmon, Sea Bream, Yellowtail, Amberjack etc.


DON DON DONKI stores, MEGA Don Quijote Stores, MEGA Don Quijote UNY stores, Nagasakiya stores etc. (there may be cases where the availability of certain products is affected based on store location).