Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

The process of setting

Store creation which embodies the ideal of "The Customer Matters Most"

In order to truly embody the PPIH Group's ideal of "The Customer Matters Most", we are moving forward with our business from the standpoint of our customers. As a step towards creating a sustainable society, the Group began its ESG promotions, as well as materiality setting from May of 2019.

STEP 1The extraction of issues from the viewpoint of each of our stakeholders

Through specifying important issues, we have identified social issues which ought to be considered from the viewpoint of the PPIH stakeholders: Customers, Partners, Local Communities, Investors/Shareholders, and Employees. We also considered the items of GRI standards and CSR assessment organizations in order to confirm that addressing these issues would lead to the achievement of the SDG goals.


STEP 2Organizing the impact of social issues

The social issues and the impact of PPIH were put into a matrix, and item issues mapped to the areas of high impact for both companies were selected. Each of them were categorized as E (Environmental), S (Society), or G (Governance), and aggregated as materiality.

The social issues

STEP 3Published in the Passion 2030 medium to long term business plan

The approval of the CEO and the executives in charge, as well as other senior management was announced in the new medium- to long-term management plan "Passion2030". Important issues will be reviewed periodically in line with the business and social conditions of the PPIH Group.