The UNY Galleria Aichi-Apita Chiryu Store held an event to support the "Tatsuwo Project", an activity of the Takahama High School SBP (Social Business Project) team, in which students from Takahama High School in Aichi Prefecture take the initiative in solving local problems while using local resources and business methods.This project is based on the desire to bring smiles to the faces of the local community, and the proceeds from the Tatsuwoyaki are used to bring Tatsuwoyaki and smiles to the children who attend the children's cafeterias operated in the Nishimikawa area.Takahama City, Aichi Prefecture, introduced this project to the store, which provided the sales space, event information posters, some of the ingredients for the Tatsuwoyaki, and prizes for the participants.Sales were much stronger than expected from the first day, so we hurriedly procured additional ingredients and sold 975 units in two days.At the same time, a free-throw event by players from the professional basketball B League team Seahorse Mikawa (Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture), which is a joint operator of this project, and a visit from Tatsuwo (photo) was held at the venue.

By having many customers participate in the event, we contributed to creating an opportunity to think about the welfare of the community.


Members of the Takahama High School SBP team.


Seahorses Mikawa's celebrity "Tatsuwo" also visited the museum to support the project.


Celebrity "Tatsuwo" from Seahorse Mikawa.