The MEGA Don Quijote Urawa-Harayama Store has been emphasizing dialogue with the local community on a daily basis, and is working to strengthen communication by providing alcohol-based hand gel to a local children's cafeteria.

The Saitama Children's Cafeteria, a local company (Belle-Vie Musashino), and our local store joined together to hold a table manners class on March 27, during the spring vacation period when people were not able to go out due to COVID-19.

On the day of the event, families who use the children's cafeteria were invited to learn table manners at the wedding hall, which is a local company, and enjoyed a taiko drum performance and recreational activities by a local group. In addition, the staff of the store who participated in the event distributed sweets to the children who attended, creating a true united community event.

The store will continue to strengthen its ties with the local community and promote community contribution activities through partnerships.

テーブルマナー (1).jpg

An event to enjoy a meal with family while learning table manners


Staff at the MEGA Don Quijote Urawa Harayama store donate sweets to children