Don Quijote focuses on supporting and nurturing children.

Children's schools have reopened in the middle of COVID-19 rages around the world, with shortage of hygiene products.

Under these circumstances, 24 Don Quijote stores in Japan discussed with each local government such as Hitachi City and nearby schools, and donated hygiene products such as hand sanitizers and food to households in need.

Don Quijote continues to support local children for their safety and wellness.

■Implementation store

MEGA Don Quijote Tokushima store/Don Quijote Otawara store/Don Quijote Toyama store/
Don Quijote Mito store/MEGA Don Quijote Ube store/MEGA Don Quijote Tsukuba store/MEGA Don Quijote Kamisu store/
MEGA Don Quijote Hitachi Store/MEGA Don Quijote Higashi Kurume Store/Don Quijote Tottori Main Store/Don Quijote Shimodate Store/
Don Quijote Pow Takamatsu store/Don Quijote Kariya store/Don Quijote Pow Tsuchiurakita store/Don Quijote Ishinomaki highway Yamoto store/
MEGA Don Quijote Ryugasaki Store/Don Quijote Sakai Ohashi Store/Don Quijote Chiba New Town Store/MEGA Don Quijote Kamimito Store/
MEGA Don Quijote Fukaebashi Store/Don Quijote Soka Store/Don Quijote Omiya Store/Don Quijote Kakogawa Store/Don Quijote Machiya Store

■Total donation

Sanitary products such as hand sanitizer, soap and masks...\4,224,000

Food such as ready-to-eat instant meals and snacks...\482,000