Since 2012, we have been carrying out a campaign for collecting Bell Marks with the slogan "Gather Bell Marks and Support the Children in Tohoku". The event was held from March 1st to 31th 2020,and it was the 9th events since we started the project. Approximately 470,000 Bellmarks were collected across 147 Apita Piago stores and 30 MEGA Don Quijote UNY stores, and were donated to the Bellmark Educational Support Foundation. In addition to the cooperation of many of our customers, store employees also go involved with the Bellmark movement. We will continue to carry out social contribution activities through the Bellmark Campaign together with our customers.

*The Bellmark foundation was established to support children by making better studying environment. Collected Bellmarks can be exchanged for useful school materials.

Collection Box at the front of the store

The Donation Ceremony