Genryu (The Source) is a collection of corporate ideals that clearly delineates the corporate philosophy and principles by which we expect all Group employees and officers to abide. This work compiles the code of conduct for Group employees, the relationships we seek to form with business partners, and other aspects of the "Donki-ism" and DNA that have lived on since our founding. We conduct ongoing training aimed at encouraging all employees to act in accordance with Genryu in their daily work and to further spread understanding of this document in order to transmit the transcendental DNA of the PPIH Group. A revised new edition has been issued in response to the change of company name to Pan Pacific International Holdings Co., Ltd. on February 1, 2019. Please check the following site for the latest information on the source.


Filled with aspects of the "Donki-ism" and DNA

regular training

Conduct regular training for spreading understanding of Genryu