UNY received an award from the Governor of Aichi Prefecture at the Aichi Zero Waste Alliance for winning both the "Award for Efforts to Reduce One-Way Plastic Waste" and the "Award for Excellent Stores in Reducing Plastic Shopping Bags".At the venue of the award ceremony, a panel display titled "UNY's Plastic Resource Recycling Action" was held in order to introduce our efforts to reduce one-way plastic waste, as well as our activities to collect containers and packaging and promote recycling with the aim of reducing and recycling household waste.In addition, 13 stores in Aichi Prefecture that achieved a reduction rate of 90% or more were selected as stores with excellent efforts to reduce plastic shopping bags, and the Apita Nagoya Kita Store received an award on behalf of the company.

The PPIH Group will continue to strive to contribute to all communities and accelerate waste reduction and recycling promotion, which are important issues for us.

Stores with excellent plastic bag reduction efforts

Apita Nagoyakita Apita Okazakikita Apita Ichinomiya Apita Kariya Apita Anjyouminami Apita Oobu Apita Nagakute Apita Nagoyakuukou Apita Agui Piago Inba Piago Saya  Piago Jyuushiyama Piago Kouta