UNY has been certified as an Eco-First Company by the Minister of the Environment, and is working together with Eco-First companies in various industries in order to achieve a sustainable society. As one of these activities, UNY participated in the Eco Proverb contest for elementary and junior high school students nationwide (sponsored by the Eco-First Promotion Council and supported by the Ministry of the Environment) as a member company. This year, we once again received many entries from children, and the UNY Award was selected from among many entries to be presented to an elementary school student in Nagoya City. Through this contest, which was themed around "What we can do to help pass on the abundant and beautiful Earth to the future", we are contributing to raising environmental awareness among children by providing them with opportunities to think about the environment.
Award-Winning Proverb "Recycling: A major role in the world of the Future!