According to a survey by the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN, waste from apparel products in the country amounts to roughly 1 million tons per year, around 70% of which is incinerated, meaning that only a few of these products are reused or recycled. The Don Quijote Group seeks to address this issue through the development of unique private brand products.
One success of these efforts is the slide-on replacements for worn-out heels introduced on Jonetsu Kakaku PREMIUM private brand shoes in March 2017. Using a patent-pending technology, these products enable the heels of business shoes to be replaced easily with no tools needed. With these products, we hope to encourage customers to wear their shoes longer and thereby reduce the number of shoes that are thrown away and lower CO₂ emissions from incineration at the source.


Jonetsu Kakaku PREMIUM private brand shoes have been proven safe and durable through four-month test periods and 100,000 weight endurance tests by third-party testing institutions.