Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Code of Conduct

"The Source" (Genryu), PPIH's corporate philosophy collection, states corporate principles, management philosophy, employee's mindset, and code of conduct that all employees and executives should comply with.
Based on "The Source", the PPIH Group aims to achieve sustainable growth of corporate value by co-creation with all employees, customers, partners, shareholders, and local communities while strictly complying with relevant laws and international rules. In order to achieve this, we have established and executed the PPIH Group Code of Conduct, which is the Group's action guidelines.

  • 1Respect for Human Rights

    We will tackle the respect for human rights of all people in both inside and outside the company through our corporate activities.

  • 2Reforming Work-Style and Building a Favorable Work Environment

    We will respect the diversity of each and every employee and realize a safe and healthy work environment that is rewarding for self-fulfillment.

  • 3Toward a Sustainable Environment

    We will contribute to the construction of a society that realize a low-carbon, recycling-oriented, and coexisting with nature through corporate activities.

  • 4Contributing to Society

    Based on the independent store management that centered on a community-based, we aim at co-existence and co-prosperity through dialogue with the local community.

  • 5 Fair and Sincere Business Activities

    We will prevent corruption (bribery, inappropriate conflicts of interest, lobbying, political contributions, etc) and engage in fair and free competition and fair trade.

  • 6Anti-Social Forces and Crisis Management

    We will perform thorough crisis management in preparation for the threats to corporate activities such as antisocial forces, cyber-attacks, natural disasters.

  • 7Information Management

    We will thoroughly manage personal information and confidential information obtained through our business activities, and protect and manage it in accordance with company regulations.