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Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Head of Management Strategy Headquarters
Director General of Executive Committee
Director & Managing Executive Officer

Hideki Moriya

Hideki Moriya is a managing executive officer, the director general of the Executive Committee, and the head of our Management Strategy Headquarters. Having attended Don Quijote company information sessions and interviews, he felt that Don Quijote Co., Ltd. is a "sustainable company" and a "meritocratic company," and, wanting to become a core member of its personnel, he joined in 2000. He was responsible for regions such as the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Osaka area for 2MD (miscellaneous goods), 3MD (consumables), 4MD (food), and 5MD (luxury items), serving as an area manager, a block manager, an area category leader, a store manager, and a general store manager, before he was made the general manager of the Chiba branch in 2007. After this, he worked in Operations Headquarters as the head of the Logistics Division, the head of the Promotion Strategy Division, and then as the head of the Fair Trade Division. In 2019, he was appointed a director of Pan Pacific Data Services Co., Ltd. and a PPIH executive officer; he worked as the general manager of Operation Management Headquarters and Risk Management Headquarters. Since July 2020, he has served as director general of the Executive Committee, and as the head of Management Strategy Headquarters, which manages business planning, business management, logistics, and systems.
When he is working, regardless of what job he is carrying out, Mr. Moriya always keeps two subjects in mind: "you (other people) and we (the company)."
In the future, he aims to discover the next version of himself and freely experience the three axes of business (in-house companies), products (merchandise division), and holding company functions, so he can construct an evaluation system that will improve careers.

His favorite, most-quoted parts of The Source are Twelve Precepts on the Mindset of a Future Leader no. 1: "The PPIH group doesn't need 'directors,'" and no. 12: "You can't be good with people if you don't understand them."

He was born in Chiba Prefecture in 1977.